The Rescue

Starfish to the sea Animal Rescue is a small non-profit accepting dogs, cats, small animals, birds… anything that we can find knowledgeable foster homes for.  We operate out of Southwestern PA but have rescued animals from all over and have adopted as far as Connecticut and Indiana.  We pride ourselves in exceptional vet and daily care for the animals in our rescue and a thorough adoption process to pair the best homes possible with our animals.  STAR was founded in September of 2004, became tax exempt in May 2006 and since our inception we have rescued more than 150 animals- no small feat with only two or three foster homes at a time.

Aside from blogger and rescue founder, Crystal, we have a small handful of dedicated volunteers and a group of loyal supporters that help keep the rescue’s momentum.  There is no paid staff, the entire rescue runs purely on the force created by kind-hearted animal lovers.  We receive no grants or government funding and because our adoption fees are so low, we rely on fundraising and donations to continue our work.

STAR was named “Starfish to the sea…” because of the story by Loren Eiseley that has been adapted into simple prose and circulated on the internet for years.  It talks of a writer, an old man, walking along the beach in search of inspiration in the early morning.  Down the beach he sees a figure that appears to be dancing but as he approaches, he sees a young man picking up starfish from the sand and tossing them into the ocean.  Upon asking why, the man learns that the boy is attempting to save the starfish before the tide goes out and leaves the sea creatures to dry out and die on the beach.  The old man says incredulously, “there are miles and miles of beach here and starfish all along it.  How can you possibly hope to make a difference?”  The young man bent down one more time, picked up another star and threw it past the breaking waves into the sea.  “It made a difference for that one!”

This last line, powerful and moving, is the philosophy and life source behind our rescue work. We are a small rescue that does not want to become anything else.  We love our volunteers because they share our dedication and drive and priorities.  We are not trying to win a race to see who can get the most animals rescued, we simply want to make sure that we have the ability to do the very best we can for every animal that we take in and for us, that means staying small enough to ensure the quality of care all our pets are receiving and provide important resources to our adopters once our pets leave our arms.

The rescue's founder during transport of STAR dog, Penny


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