Puppy power!

I haven’t had the time to prepare the next blog post that I was hoping to write, because things have been pretty busy here processing applications and working on rescue business.  Another hindrance is the temporary addition of a puppy here while we help her prepare for her (hopeful) new home.  Bella is learning sit, down, a recall, and we’re working on housebreaking, by which I mean we’re mostly working on just making sure she doesn’t pee in the house- this is much more difficult than it seems, as she tends to just squat where she stands and piddle.  She always gets rewarded for pottying outside; she hasn’t pottied once without my being present, and I’m hoping it helps her realize that’s where she needs to go but until she starts to understand, I’m basically spending all my time following her around or taking her outside.  This of course means I’m not spending as much time at the computer.  Ah, well.  In the absence of a meaningful post, here are some cute Bella photos to tide you over!

Taken yesterday:Image





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  1. Cool puppy – shouldnt have any problems rehoming her!

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