2011, a year in review

Tumors, cancers, kidney issues, death. New family members, awards, media attention.  New car, trying to get rid of the old house.  Attempts to turn the corner to a new life with our animals and rescue work. Two-thousand-eleven was too emotional. I’m hoping for more peace and calm in 2012.


Started the year on Jan 2nd with our first rescue intake: Willow.

Adopted JB, Linus and Hurley from Small Angels (my first pet rats!)

Linus was diagnosed with advanced scarring from a mycoplasma-related respiratory infection.

Jonas came back to live with us after being in a home with a good friend for three years.


L’orange was diagnosed with cancer.

Bunny went missing from her “forever” home. My heart broke irreparably; I haven’t been able to pick up the pieces.

Launched into action to try and maximize the chances that we would find her (and her companion, Brock) but they were never seen again. STAR made two papers with the dogs’ story.


JB the rat developed a tumor.

Dover was the last of my dogs to receive his Canine Good Citizenship certification!

I was interviewed for a local paper for the rescue!

Cody, a mixed breed dog, was pulled from a shelter to go to an aussie rescue that agreed to take him.  He stayed here for a week before going to rescue, and four days later, they gave up on him.  We placed him in a new home to become (hopefully) a search and rescue dog.


Sowen was hospitalized and had emergency surgery for urinary tract blockages.

Murphy was returned to the rescue after a serious dog bite in his home of over three years. We strived to give him sanctuary here.

I was featured in another newspaper article.


Murphy’s dog aggression was severe and we felt we couldn’t house him here permanently.  He was euthanized.

JB was euthanized due to his tumor.

L’orange continued to go to the vet regularly.

Barney the basset/beagle with an injured leg arrived from Kentucky, at the time it was the longest transport into rescue that we’d ever had.

We took in Maia and Maddox as an emergency, dogs with porcupine quills that had been found at a gas station.

Hailey arrived.


We bought our first new car, Scooby the Subie Forester.

Lots of vet trips, as usual.


We acquired Yoda the degu.

Hailey was a demo dog in a Patricia McConnell seminar. I got to accompany a few others for dinner with Dr. McConnell that evening, one of the most memorable experiences I’ve had.

I attended a Dr. Dodds seminar the next day.

Eleven fantastic lab rats came to live with us.

Linus lost his fight with his respiratory problems and he was euthanized.

Gale and Zephyr, two foster pigs, became permanent after Gale developed cystic ovaries.


Seminar with Nicole Wilde.

Mom had surgery on her leg and did just fine.

George broke his leg somehow…

Girlfriend passed away at the vet. She wasn’t sick until the day we took her in. Appeared to be kidney issues.

Performed a small miracle to get Frawley the English setter up here from Alabama, and it worked!

Noble and Sully’s transport came together and they were brought up from a horrible neglect situation.

Saw Phantom of the Opera as it toured for the last time.

Neville joined the family.

Moo was diagnosed with kidney disease.


L’orange was also diagnosed with kidney disease, just a few days after Moo.

Saw Wicked the musical.

We lost Ross’s maternal grandmother, Elsie.She was so full of love and light, and is sorely missed.


I had a photo shoot for Pittsburgh Magazine because of the 40 Under 40 Award that I was chosen to accept.

Peanut the rabbit was returned to the rescue with a severe head tilt and transferred to Rabbit Wranglers for rehabilitation, and we got Bugsy in exchange.

We began house hunting, sort of.


Sweetpea, one of the lab rats, passed away.

I was honored with the Pittsburgh 40 Under 40 Award for public service.

Milo was returned to the rescue for a bite, and is getting the chance we couldn’t give Murphy earlier in the year.


Frawley was adopted!

Peachblossom, another of the lab rats, passed away in her cage.

SERIOUSLY started looking into house hunting and a new home. Applied for loan pre-approval.  Wish us luck, our goal in 2012 is to move on to the next chapter of our lives- somewhere else!


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