Blogger’s Block?

I’ve been trying to come up with a good post for a while.  I have drafts started with ideas I want to follow through and deliver.  I want to write profound thoughts that people can identify with.  There is no shortage of material floating around in my head but I think that’s the problem.  It’s like my words are the outflow of a drain.  It’s easier to clear the drain if the solution isn’t so thick and goopy.  To use another analogy, the hamster in my brain has abandoned running in its wheel for riding a tiny Harley so it can keep up with the required speed.

This past week has been sort of a nightmarish conglomeration of responsibilities.  The kind of week that snaps you into being a grown up.  I had one depressive day but climbed out of that hole and went about my business.  Between giving advice, running the rescue, caring for the 24 animals here including some that are dealing with illness, volunteering for other groups, and personal appointments, I have spread myself fairly thin but somehow I am still holding together.  I’ve been working on so many things at once that if I stop to think about it, I feel both flustered and proud.  While I sometimes stumble through my responsibilities, I feel I was born to do this kind of thing.  I am a take charge kind of gal and a helluva multitasker.  This week I became more involved in my dog training club AND my geocaching club than ever before by starting a Facebook page and taking over forum administration, respectively.  I’ve been trying to help a bunny and a couple guinea pigs find safe haven under my roof and working on Indy‘s training and socialization while simultaneously moving closer to an adoption for Willow.  Tomorrow, Saturday, I have volunteered for a 4.5 hour long transport outing (the leg is only an hour and a half but the drive to and from the Interstate adds three hours) and a concert in the evening. The next day I have planned a home visit.  For an unemployed person, I sure can keep busy.  So far in 2011 there have been more days where I had engagements to deal with than not, many days I have more than one appointment.  If I am not driving here or there, I’ve got a list of emails to send on all topics; dog behavior advice, rescue issues, incoming/outgoing pets, applications or inquiries, dog club or geocaching forum topics, and more.

This is why you haven’t heard from me much blog-wise, and I’m sorry if you’ve missed it.  I promise to come back with something meaningful or at least entertaining as soon as my head stops spinning.  Oh yeah, and I can’t wait for Spring, and for this feeling that I should be in hibernation to pass.


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