Blessed are the piecemakers

There are angels walking among us, surely.  I knew it was coming, but that makes it no less a wonderful and astonishing gesture.  Today I returned from a slightly disappointing dentist appointment to find a rather large box on my front porch.

I had the discipline to finish my post-grocery-shopping chores (really quickly!) before slicing the tape and lifting the flaps, which I did delicately, with my breath held, savoring the moment.  Since becoming an adult, rarely have I felt such anticipation when opening a gift.  A quilting enthusiast and compassionate animal lover saw my recent posts on Facebook showing my newfound interest in sewing goodies for my guinea pigs.  She was planning on cleaning out her quilting room and offered to send me the stuff she no longer needed.  When I accepted the offer (gratefully!) I had no idea how much would arrive.  Cloth of all shapes and sizes- certainly large enough to make lots of guinea pig things- filled the box, with patterns and colors as varied as my moods. :)  There were some other goodies like cotton batting, shears, measuring tape and pins, a magnetic pin box and a really cute quilted bag.

Inside the big box was another box, and inside that was even more fabric and also this:

A Janome travel quilting sewing machine!  This thing is small but heavy and has lots of stitches.  Even though I recently got a new one thanks to a Black Friday sale that works great, I think this guy’s going to be my new buddy for sure!  I’ll be reading the manual and getting acquainted soon enough. :)  I’m even thinking about learning how to quilt, because taking a bunch of mismatched, secondhand but beautiful pieces and putting them together is symbolically something I can relate to.

Needless to say, I feel so absolutely blessed, gifted, humbled and cared for.  The thoughtfulness packed by a relative stranger into this box that crossed the country to get to me is something I’ll never forget and has made this day, this season, and my life that much brighter.  To my piece-maker not-so-secret Santa, thank you.


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