What does YouTube and the gravitational collapse caused when a star can no longer resist the force of its own gravity have in common?

Black holes…

The event horizon for the YouTubian black hole lies in the “Suggestions” section, formerly known as “Related Videos,” which I contend should be called “We’ve got you now, sucka!”  Once your eyes gaze upon the Suggestions roster, the gravitational field starts to draw you in.  Once you click, you’ve gone beyond the event horizon and are headed into the black hole.

Forget your plans for the evening, your family, your responsibilities and probably your bed time.  Inside this cyber field there is only you, “Suggestions,” and what seems like an infinite number of videos- many of which you really don’t want to see and some you can’t turn away from.  My husband is the big culprit in our household, which an informal study suggests might be the case with most men.  The only time I ever beat him to bed is when he is watching “one more video, I just have to see this…” Still, I’m also guilty of falling prey to the Youtube timesuck (spacetimesuck?)  With Facebook, it’s inevitable.  Scrolling down the wall, reading posts, and suddenly there’s a video recommended by a friend.  Click it, play, hmm, wonder what else there is to see?  Click and there’s the site and there it is- Suggestions.  I can’t help it, I just want to see… just one click…

An hour or two later, I come out of the vortex to a group of dogs with slightly concerned looks on their faces, probably wondering if I’m lost forever; worse, will they ever eat again?


Five Random Things I’ve found on YouTube that I love:

  1. Sungha Jung- I first saw Sungha, a now 14 year old boy from South Korea, about three years ago.  I was amazed and impressed by his videos and still subscribe to his channel so I can see his work today.  Sungha is a fingerstyle guitarist.  This video is still one of my favorites:
  2. The Hillywood Show– A pair of young sisters with lots of talent do parodies of famous movies, most popular is their Twilight series parody, set to music.  They’re very, very good.  My favorite is their Poker Face/Dark Knight video:
  3. kikopup– Emily is a dog trainer in California that has dedicated the last few years to putting out educational videos to help teach POSITIVE training methods for dog tricks and behaviors.   Here’s a video that explains clicker training:
  4. Toby Turner– I don’t know why I like him, really, but I do.  He has songs and skits and I guess that’s all it takes to make me happy.  He has a song about his mom’s dog called “Falcor the Urinator” which is cute, and lots of other things that make me laugh, but I discovered him through this skit years ago:
  5. dascottjr’s literal videos– hilarious music videos that have been re-written to describe what’s going on in the vide.  This started a trend but the originals are still my favorite:

Other things that have caused me to waste a lot of time are:

Is it a good idea to microwave this?

A capella college groups (like this (language!) or this)

Plastic Musik

Rhett and Link

Talking Animals

And lastly, “Bone Thugs separation.”  This started as a joke during my husband’s YT Surfing sessions because it seemed he kept coming back to this video.  Now, it’s a game.  When he’s listening to a video that seems as far away from Bone Thugs ‘n Harmony as you could possibly get, I challenge him to get back to this video in as few steps as possible.  It keeps him busy for a while.

What has sucked you into the YouTube black hole?


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