Buckle up, you’re in for a bumpy ride.

I *love* blogs.  Many years ago I was active on Livejournal and made many friends, mostly animal lovers, whose journals I loved to read and who were very supportive of my work which at the time was at the local humane society.  I love to read but because of my apparent attention span issues, it can take forever to make it through a book.  These journal posts were a short foray into someone else’s lives, a vicarious experience of far away places and a taste of life for “normal” people.

For the last several years until now, I’ve been using other media to reach out to people.  Facebook is my current lifeline, that bond with other people that gets me through the day when my only company is of the four-legged variety.  While they’re great listeners (I contend that until they start talking back, it’s not a problem,) I need that tool that keeps me connected.

My dream is to publish a book about the trials and tribulations I’ve gone through in life, but until I solve that attention span problem…

Welcome to my blog!


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